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About Ledge

                                            As the premier bookkeeping & financial reporting service, Ledge eliminates the need for business owners to spend hours on
                                            tedious accounting or preparing monthly financials.

                                            For businesses of all sizes, Ledge is committed to providing clarity through organized accounting and financial reporting, 
                                            all for a reasonable monthly cost. Every month, Ledge's clients receive timely and audited financial statements, reports,
                                            and trends, tailored toward each individual business owner.

                                            Unlike mass online bookkeeping firms, the team at Ledge consists of highly-qualified and proven financial executives & CPAs
                                            who work to develop and maintain a close and confidential relationship with every business owner they serve. 
                                            For more information, feel free to email Ryland directly (ryland@yourledge.com).

About our founder, RYLAND

Prior to launching Ledge, Ryland led the financial department at one of
the nation's fastest growing franchises, helping to grow the company
from 2 to 60 locations in a little over two years.

Over this time, Ryland quickly realized the terrible choice most business
owners are forced to make when it comes to their daily accounting and
financials: either do their own accounting or significantly overpay a local
CPA. From experience, Ryland knew business owners are not trained
accountants (nor should they be), and they also shouldn't be forced to
pay thousands for the service.

With nothing more than the belief this could be improved, Ryland traded
the comforts of his CFO role for the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.
Fast forward almost a year and Ledge now serves business owners in a
variety of sectors across 16 states. With this growth, Ledge has scaled its
operations by investing in its team, thereby giving every client an
unmatched experience.

From the words of Ryland, "Starting this company, I just thought... There
is no reason why business owners shouldn't have the cleanest accounting
and reporting. Every business owner should be able to pay a reasonable
subscription in exchange for comprehensive CPA-verified accounting
and clear monthly financial reporting. It's a precondition for growth and

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