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Do you hate worrying about your travel receipts?

Well… You don't have to! Fortunately, there is an alternative: Per Diem Rates!

Instead of tracking your hotel bills, gas, parking, and every single meal during your trip, you can deduct a daily rate! What's the rate? The rate changes depending on the year and the city but is around $120 per day for lodging and $65 for meals.

Couple of factors to consider when choosing either rates or per diem...

1. Do you hate tracking? &
2. Will you spend more than the per diem rate, or spend less than it?

If less, then take the per diem rate! If more, then strongly consider taking the small task of documenting your expenses.

Are you a business owner? If you need a great bookkeeping/accounting team behind your business, give us a holler.

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